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  • MS3000 G

    MS3000 G

    Heavy-duty, high-speed, destruction device specifically designed to meet and exceed the unique demands of the gaming industry.
    » In-house destruction solution dramatically reducing costs and logistics requirements
    » Securely destroys gaming chips, jetons and plaques
    » High processing capability (3000 pieces per hour)
    » Small particle size of the waste material for High Security
    » Conforms with Euro CE safety standards
    » Reliable Mitsubishi PLC technology
    » Fitted with noise reduction technology
    » Intelligent self diagnositcs that monitor moving parts for signs of wear and tear and potential maintenance requirements
    » Remote diagnostics via ethernet connection
    » Small foot print, mobile on heavy duty casters for easy re-location
    » Upgradeable with auto feed option
    » Secure waste cabinet
    » Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance
    » Security access code – Only authorised personnel can access the cutting chamber
    » Bi-directional dual cutting system programmed to run in both directions providing higher throughput whilst significantly reducing power consumption

    MS3000 G
    Throughput upto 3,000 pieces per hour
    Particle Size 9 mm x 9 mm cross section
    Cutting System High strength, heavy duty bi-directional dual cutting head
    Dimension (Main Unit) 1,745 x 955 x 1,633mm (LxWxH)
    Weight 1,170Kg
    Power 415v 20amp (other voltages available)