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  • Perses Card and Dice Shredder

    Perses Card and Dice Shredder

    Heavy-duty, high-speed, destruction device specifically designed to meet and exceed the unique demands of the gaming industry.
    »» Advanced LT split cutter technology to accommodate both playing card decks and
    dice destruction in the one machine.
    »» Secure in-house destruction solution reducing costs and logistics requirements
    »» Securely destroys cards and dice
    »» High processing capability 6000 playing card / 4000 dice per hour
    »» Small particle size rendering card decks destroyed and unusable
    »» Conforms with Euro CE safety standards
    »» Reliable Mitsubishi PLC technology
    »» Fitted with noise reduction technology
    »» Intelligent self-diagnostics that monitor moving parts for signs of wear and tear and
    potential maintenance requirements
    »» Remote diagnostics via ethernet connection
    »» Mobile on heavy duty casters for easy re-location
    »» Conveyor infeed for efficient, fast and safe loading
    »» Conveyor outfeed directly into any type of waste receptacle
    »» Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance
    »» Automatic grease and oiling system


    Perses Card and Dice Shredder
    Throughput Up to 6.000 card decks per hour
    Up to 4.000 dice per hour
    Particle Size card decks 30 mm x 40 mm cross section
    dice: aprox. 10 mm x 20 mm
    Cutting System High strength, heavy duty LT split cutter
    technology for destroying both cards and dice
    on the one machine
    Dimension (Main Unit) 1.790 x 1.700 x 1.610 mm (DxWxH)
    Weight 1.500 Kg
    Power 3 phase 415v (other voltages available)