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  • In the recent times, industrial shredding has emerged as a highly preferred alternative for the disposal of all types of industrial waste. This process involves breaking down industrial wastes into smaller parts. Apart from destruction of sensitive business documents that are outdated, shredding can also make a huge difference to the environment while helping recover many expensive industrial components and raw materials.  

    If you have decided to shred your industrial waste, you have already taken the all important responsible step towards minimising the environmental impact of your business. However, if you want your shredding machines to run at the highest level of efficiency, it is important for you to choose of the right kind of industrial shredder blades. This brief guide is intended to help you gain adequate understanding about different types of shredder blades used in industrial settings.  

    Impact of shredders on recycling: 

    Material recycling in any industry is heavily dependent on breaking the material down effectively into fragments that can be recycled easily. Industrial shredders are commonly used for recycling plastic, wood, tires, scraps, and many other types of wastes. The material created as a result of shredding is generally used in different manufacturing processes or repurposed into another material. Nowadays, recycled materials are converted into everything from mulch to plastic bags. The credit for this obviously goes to shredders.  

    The term industrial shredder refers to chippers, granulators, grinders, hammer mills, and of course, the paper shredders. The functionalities of these shredders are significantly different from each other. Some of them are used for crushing, some for compacting, some others for shredding, and some for something in-between.  

    While purchasing shredding machines, you can opt for various configurations of low-torque, high-torque, low-speed, and high-speed machines designed to minimise accidents and maximise efficiency.   

    Types of Shredders:    

    Paper Shredders: These machines are used to dispose of paper waste, including sensitive personal as well as business information. In terms of recycling, paper shredders can be classified as industrial paper shredders, strip cut shredders, and cross cut shredders, each with its own type of blades. Your selection depends on how much and what you plan to shred.  

    Plastic Shredders: These shredders are designed specifically for the purpose of recycling of materials. In addition to just plastic, these versatile machines can even shred rubber and asphalt. Plastic shredders come in different categories such as grinders, shippers, hammer mills, and granulators.  

    Tire Shredders: These unique types of shredders are designed specifically converting old tires into fuels, asphalt, landfill cover, and other products. These shredders are equipped with extremely strong and durable blades to withstand the high-torque required to break down tires.  

    Selection of the Blade 

    The selection of your shredder blade depends entirely on the type of shredder you are using. Blades designed for a tire shredder can’t be used for a paper shredder and vice versa. Therefore, you just need to ensure that you are using the correct shredder for your job and the blade selection will automatically fall into place. Also, while servicing your shredder, don’t forget to buy replacement blades.   

    At Mastershred, we have a selection of advanced shredding and compacting equipment tailor-made for waste minimisation and recycling. Please contact us today to find out more about your options.