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  • Over the last couple of years, many businesses around the world have already migrated to or are planning to migrate to a remote working model. There is no denying the fact that this model has turned out to be profitable one for most of the organisations. However, this change has made it extremely important for the employers to ensure safe document shredding for remote employees, which can be extremely challenging. The key requirement here is to make remote working as safe and secure as working in the office.    

    New Responsibility for Employees 

    Working remotely from home is not just about adjusting to a new work location. There are many new responsibilities for every remote worker operating from home office. After making this transition, remote workers start producing and handling sensitive business documents and client information at home. While working from office, employers have an established office set-up for the storage of business documents. Many offices also have their own document shredders to protect the privacy of their employees, customers, suppliers, and others. Unfortunately, none of these facilities are available to remote workers. This is why the employers and their employees must work hand in hand to overcome this challenge.  

    Handling Business Documents at Home  

    While shifting to a home office, it is extremely important for the workers to nail down a viable system for managing the growing amount of paperwork within the limited space available in their home. One of the most effective alternatives for them is to implement a hybrid strategy that combines document scanning and shredding. This strategy comprises of scanning all documents to digital format and then destroying the old and outdated paper copies. As a result, they will not have to save room by irresponsibly discarding potentially important paperwork.   

    Go Paperless    

    In this changing work environment, employers should encourage their remote workers to go paperless, whenever possible. This will eliminate the possibility of papers going astray and reduce the amount of paper documents for shredding. Businesses implementing this strategy should, however, implement adequate cyber security measures.  

    Arranging Shredding for Remote Workers  

    There is no denying the fact that some businesses will find it impossible to shift to a 100% paperless mode. These organisations will have to shred the paper documents created by their remote employees down the line. Though there are quite a few options for them, most of these options are far from being trustworthy.   

    Different types of remote and on-site shredding services are available these days. However, reliability is a major concern with these services because your sensitive documents are handled by outsiders. Moreover, in most instances, you have no idea about what ultimately happens to your shredded documents.  

    The best option for any businesses, whether working remotely or from office, is to use the company’s own shredders. To overcome the challenge of handing paper documents created by remote workers, organizations can create a dedicated team and have all documents transported to a centralised shredding hub operated by the company. This will ensure that the organization’s sensitive documents are handled and shredded only their own employees.  

    If you are looking to implement a safe shredding strategy for your remote workers, please get in touch with us at Mastershred.