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  • With an ever increasing focus on data security around the world, document shredders are considered to be indispensable for businesses that use and dispose loads of important business documents.  Accumulation of documents in the office environment can cause a series of issues for businesses, and document shredding can be the common solution to all of these problems. Naturally, millions of offices, schools, and even households use shredding machines for safe disposal of documents bearing sensitive information.  

    It is important to note that all document shredders are not made the same way. The shredders we generally see in households and small offices are completely different from the ones used for large scale shredding operations. Different types of secure shredding cuts are generated by different shredders. When it comes to achieving the best possible security for data destruction, some shredder machines are much more comprehensive compared to others.  

    Some of the most common shredding cuts are discussed below.  

    Strip Cut: This is the most common type of shredding cut delivered by the shredders used in homes. Regardless of the document being destroyed, the machine shreds the documents into long pieces. The length of the shredded pieces is as long as the original document.  For example, if you are destroying an A4 size document, the shredded pieces will have a length of approximately 297mm. However, users can choose the width of the shredded strips in multiples of 2mm. Strip cut shredders are the most basic type, the cheapest, and the least secure.  

    Cross Cut: Cross cut shredders can cut the disposed documents not just along their length, but also along their width. The pile resulting from documents destroyed by these shredders resemble confetti. Approximately 900 such pieces are created when an A4 size document is destroyed using a cross cut shredder.  This cut is much more secure compared to strip cut, and it is impossible to piece back any destroyed document. Also, the shredding wastes created by cross cut shredders are more compact and require less space in recycle bins.  

    Micro Cut: The functioning of micro cut shredders is similar to that of cross cut shredders, but the particles produced by these shredders are even smaller. Each A4 size document gets shredded into up to 1,500 confetti-like pieces by micro cut shredders. This cut is extremely popular nowadays because it offers the right level of security to help users avoid identity theft and misuse of sensitive or business critical data. 

    Crypto Cut: This shredding cut is the ultimate option in terms security. Crypto cut shredders are the most advanced type, and are mostly used in high security environments such as military installations or government facilities. A single piece of document gets shredded into up to 3,000 tiny dust-like particles by these shredding machines. Moreover, they can also safely destroy CDs, DVDs, expired bank cards, etc.     

    If you have decided invest in a paper shredder for your home or business, you must ensure that your shredder provides the level of security you need. Please contact us at Mastershred to choose the right shredder for the documents you handle.