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  • Mastershred are the Australian importers and distributors of the HSM ProfiPack packaging machines and were the first company in Australia to introduce cardboard perforating equipment in 2003: The HSM ProfiPack machines convert waste cardboard to an environmentally friendly and cost neutral packaging material. The packaging machines are a brilliant solution for all shipping and storage areas. They perforate used cardboard or bolster it up and make universally usable packaging material which is as good as new. This saves costs and, at the same time, is a sensible and practical contribution to environmental protection.

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    The creation of packaging mats and compressed packaging material is this easy:

    1. Creation of padding mats (one layer of cardboard, HSM ProfiPack P425).
    2. Creation of compressed packaging material with a closed compression flap (two layers of cardboard, HSM ProfiPack P425).


    Perfectly packed – with HSM ProfiPack

    With HSM ProfiPack: safely pack different objects easily and save time as well.

    As a forwarder, you have found your niche. Day after day you sell a whole host of different products that need to be packed easily, as quickly as possible, securely and with respect to the environment, but which also need to arrive at their destination in one piece. Perhaps you also receive a number of deliveries for interim storage or resale, with tons of old cartons piling up – or requiring disposal?
    For cases like this, HSM has the optimal solution – packing with HSM ProfiPack – the smart packaging padding machines. Use the carton shredders HSM ProfiPack C400 as a compact table-top machine or the HSM ProfiPack P425 as a powerful stand-alone machine to create your own fillers and padding mats! Producing your own packaging padding could not be easier! And it helps the environment.
    Old or used cardboard packaging can simply be processed to the required material width for padding mats or compressed padding material. The HSM ProfiPack cardboard shredders process up to three layers of cardboard in a single step, turning it into high quality packaging padding. This padding can be created in one continuous and quiet operation.

    Why buy new packaging material if you have old cardboard packaging on hand?

    You can save money on expensive packaging material!

    From waste to packaging material. Old or used cardboard packaging can be easily transformed into filling material such as padding mats and packaging padding that are as good as new!

    Attention: as a raw material, cardboard is valuable and should not be thoughtlessly discarded.

    The filling material produced can be used anywhere and provides optimum protection for items – as padding mats, padding wraps or packaging padding for filling hollows.

    Producing your own packaging material such as padding mats or packaging padding is easy and economical

    Producing your own packaging material could not be easier! With the packaging padding machines HSM ProfiPack C400 and HSM ProfiPack P425, you can transform used cardboard packaging as quick as a flash into filling material that can be used anywhere.

    Cutting and padding is completed in a single work step. The filling material is light and can be used flexibly.

    With HSM ProfiPack, packing is quick and easy. Different items can be packed securely with packaging padding.

    The smart way to pack has a name: HSM ProfiPack


    HSM ProfiPack C400

    Small dimensions – big impact! The HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging padding machine enables you to process disused cardboard packaging, transforming it into padding mats or padded packaging material in a single work step. As a compact table-top machine, the HSM ProfiPack C400 is mobile and flexible.


    HSM ProfiPack P425

    The all-rounder for universal day-to-day packaging! This high-performance HSM ProfiPack P425 packaging padding machine processes a number of layers of used cardboard packaging, transforming it into padding mats or padded filling material in a single step. The Profi machine is mounted on swivel casters and can be used anywhere.


    HSM ProfiPack P425, incl. adaptation set for extraction

    Clean machine: the powerful team for commercial use! For clean work, the packaging padding machine HSM ProfiPack P425, incl. adapter set for extraction with dust extractor HSM DE 1-8 as an optional addition.