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  • Effective product packaging is an essential element for any industry. It provides the much needed protective layer for a product during its storage, shipping, sale, as well as use. Different objectives of packaging include protection, functionality, safety, attractiveness, and branding. For industries handling sensitive products, packaging also protects the products from biological degradation. Packaging also disseminates important information related to products and manufacturers.

    What is Sales Packaging? 

    Also referred to as primary packaging, sales packaging contains a product closely and constitutes a sales unit at the point of purchase for the end users. The main purpose of sales packaging is containing, protecting, and preserving the product.  It can also make a product look more appealing and include printed information related to the product.

    Need for Destruction of Packaging:

    Though proper sales packaging is critical for any business, unused or discarded packaging materials pose a serious threat for them. Packaging destruction is an important part of product disposal, a process used by businesses to destroyed or disposed of their products under specific circumstances. In general, a company needs to destroy packaging materials for

    • Confiscated products
    • Products that have expired
    • Packaging materials that are not used anymore
    • Defective products
    • Recalled products

    Proper disposal and destruction of unused or discarded packaging materials will ensure that they will not be utilised in an unauthorised manner. On the other hand, irresponsible handling of these materials can have disastrous consequences.

    One of the worst possible outcomes of improper disposal of sales packaging is counterfeiting as a result of products landing on the grey market. This can happen if your unwanted or damaged sales packaging materials are stolen by an employee. Often times, misprinted and obsolete sales packaging materials are thrown away carelessly in the bin. However, these materials are not intended for others.  These packagings can be used to market counterfeit products and harm the branding of a business. This is why it should be a top priority for businesses to properly destroy their sales packaging.

    How to Destroy Sales Packaging? 

    Investing in an industrial shredder is the best alternative to deal with sales packaging.  These machines can cut through almost all materials used in sales packaging without much hassle.  The shredded material can be reused for filling your packaging boxes.  Shredded paper materials offer a great cushioning, and can be used for protecting products stored and shipped in cardboard boxes.

    At Mastershred, we offer world-class shredders designed for industries as well as offices. We are also the Australian distributor and exclusive direct importer of globally acclaimed HSM Germany shredders. If you are looking to destroy large documents and packaging materials, HSM Powerline 450.2 can be an excellent choice. You may also opt for HSM Powerline FA 400.2, a heavy duty shredder with conveyor belt for convenient material feeding. Our product range also includes the HSM Powerline shredder baler combinations suitable for destruction and compression of very large volume of data or sales packagings. Please get in touch with our experts to find out more.