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  • Most of the individuals as well as businesses are now aware of different types of security threats they face in their day to day lives. Accordingly, they rely on different measures and policies to keep themselves protected.  However, while implementing these measures, many of us often tend to overlook or forget certain seemingly innocent documents that can actually lead to serious security breaches. 

    When we think about document shredding, our maximum focus always remains on destroying different types of financial documents such as bank account statements, credit card statements, tax documents, etc. However, there are several other types of documents that can cause identity theft, even though they may appear to be innocuous. 

    It is likely that many of you are currently working from home or have just got back to your office after the pandemic. It is understandable that such changes in life causes drastic shifts in daily routine and document destruction may not be your top priority at this point of time.  However, please remember that destruction of documents is still important because some people are still looking to take advantage of your vulnerabilities. 

    Mentioned below are some commonly forgotten documents that must be shredded. 

    • Junk Mails: These mails may not appear to be dangerous, but credit card offers and many other types of junk are sent to us regularly via mail. Often times, we throw them away without even taking a look at it. However, because of their personal nature, junk mails should always be shredded. In addition to a credit offer, these mails may also contain the name and address of the recipients.  Therefore, in the worst case scenario, it is possible for someone to take out a line of credit in the name of the mail recipient and start spending money.  
    • Shipping Labels: As the holiday season is just around the corner, many of us will soon start ordering gifts online. When we receive these via mail, our focus remains entirely on the purchased item. As a result, we tend to throw away the packaging immediately. Sometimes, this packaging contains a receipt, order confirmation, or order form. If the packaging bears any of your personal identifying information, it is critical that you shred them instead of throwing them away. 
    • Old IDs and Pictures: After renewing our driver license or any other ID, we often throw the outdated IDs in the trash. These old IDs can be used by identity thieves to take out a line of credit in the ID holder’s name. Even while discarding old photographs, make it a point to shred them. 
    • Old Travel Documents: Many of us have the habit of keeping our old travel itineraries or boarding passes as a cherished memory associated with the trip. Documents such as boarding passes may contain personal information. Therefore, if you ever want to throw them away, make sure you shred them properly.    
    • Resumes:  Resumes contain a plethora of sensitive personal information including name, phone number, email address, mailing address, educational and employment history, etc. If you are looking to get rid of your outdated resumes, shred them to avoid data theft.

    Mastershred is a globally recognised name in secure destruction of documents. Please contact us for all your document shredding requirements.