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  • Mastershred, an industry leader in the design and supply of off-the-shelf and customised security destruction and waste reduction solutions, has turned its attention to one of the industry’s biggest challenges.

    The company, which specialises in shredders, granulators and crushers, has developed a conveyor-fed twin-shaft shredder. The shredder is designed to meet the demands of the label printing industry and waste operators, covering those who have a requirement to shred bulky items with adhesive coatings for waste reduction or security destruction.

    The destruction of these materials has historically proved difficult. This is due to the fact that the adhesive from the label waste matrix has a tendency to block and impede the performance and movement of the shafts and ancillary components.

    However, the Mastershred Kreios L Series overcomes these issues with the application of a unique speciality Teflon coating on the shafts and cutters within the chamber and a hydraulic ram to assist the process.

    In standard configuration, the Mastershred Kreios L 6360/L 84100 is fed using a variable speed conveyor to deliver the label waste matrix to the hopper. The standard configuration outfeed is fed directly into a Bulka bag which is suspended on the underside of the shredder frame. Nevertheless, with Mastershred’s ability to customise its range of machines there are various options available to meet operators’ specific in-feed and out-feed requirements, including Teflon-coated screw feed conveyors.

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