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  • MS3000 G

    MS3000 C/B

    Heavy-duty, high-speed, destruction device specifically designed to meet and exceed the unique demands of mints and currency printers.
    »»  In-house destruction solution dramatically reducing costs and logistics requirements
    »» Securely destroys coins or banknotes (depending on machine version)
    »» High processing capability
    »» Conforms with Euro CE safety standards
    »» Reliable Mitsubishi PLC technology
    »» Fitted with noise reduction technology
    »» Intelligent self diagnositcs that monitor moving parts for signs of wear and tear and potential maintenance requirements
    »» Remote diagnostics via ethernet connection
    »» Small foot print, mobile on heavy duty casters for easy re-location
    »» Secure waste cabinet
    »» Ease of access for cleaning and maintenance
    »» Security access code – Only authorised personnel can access the cutting chamber


    MS3000 C/B
    Power Dependant on Version
    Throughput Dependant on Version
    Particle Size Dependant on Version
    Cutting System Dependant on Version
    Dimension (Main Unit) 1,745 x 955 x 1,633mm (LxWxH)
    Weight 1,170Kg