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  • Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for a Paper Shredder

    Paper shredders are extremely useful mechanical devices used for cutting pieces of paper into fine particles or strips. These machines are used extensively by businesses, government organisations and individuals to destroy confidential, private, and otherwise sensitive documents.

    If you are planning to go digital in your office, or have a records retention schedule to deal with, a paper shredder can certainly make life easier for you.  These machines are available in many different types, and all of them require basic maintenance and cleaning. 

    Before discussing the cleaning and maintenance tips, it is important for you to understand your shredder machine properly. 

    Know Your Machine:

    The capacity of shredders tends to vary significantly, and you must understand the purpose your shredder has been designed to serve. The speed of filling the bin depends on how it cuts the paper. Compared to single page units, shredders capable of handling multiple pages simultaneously get filled up faster. The size of documents destroyed by shredders is referred to as the cut. Some shredders are even capable of cutting through tougher materials such as CDs and credit cards. 

    Basic Maintenance Tips:

    Ensure smooth running of your paper shredder by following these tips.

    • Depending on your shredded volume, dump the bin at least once every month.
    • Occasionally run the shredder in reverse direction to prevent the clumping of paper between the blades, this is best done after oiling. 
    • Clear out the small pieces of paper from the blades and keep the start sensors clean by spraying a can of compressed air down through the paper slot. Make sure the shredder is turned off while doing this so that it does not start running unexpectantly. 
    • Lubricating the shredder using shredder oil can extend the lifespan of the machine significantly. However, avoid using shredder oil alternatives such as canola oil or WD-40 because they can ruin the shredder.     

    Dealing with Jammed Paper Shredders

    Follow these steps to deal with paper shredder jams. 

    • Check the safety lights of the machine to help determine the cause. It could be that the bin is full, the machine has overheated, or there is a jam. 
    • If the machine has over heated unplug and allow it to cool down for about an hour before plugging it back in. Do not forget to test with one sheet before you start using it again. 
    • If the bin is full, empty the bin.
    • If it is jammed press the reverse button for a few seconds so the machine releases the paper and then pull it up and out of the machine.
    • If the machine cannot be removed using the reverse function, soften the blockage by applying shredder oil to the jammed area and allow it to sit for an hour or more before trying again. If it still cannot be removed you are best to contact service.. 

    Best Practices for Paper Shredder Troubleshooting: 

    Following these additional steps will extend the life of your paper shredder significantly.  

    • Always ensure that the bin of the shredder s securely installed.
    • Don’t put papers with glue residue or stickers into the shredder.
    • Credit cards or CDs should be fed individually.
    • After 10-15 minutes of non-stop use, give a break of at least a few minutes. 

    If you have more questions about your paper shredder, please feel free to contact us at Mastershred.  We offer a wide range of shredding solution for recycling, waste minimisation, and security destruction.