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  • MS3000 G

    Perses Card and Dice Shredder

    MS3000 C/B

    For casinos looking for secure and effective gaming destructor machines, MasterShred offers a few highly efficient solutions. Our gaming chip destruction machines destroy chips, jetons, plaques, cards, dice, coins and banknotes at high speed. When security is paramount, our solutions offer a way to reduce your venue’s currencies to very small particles. Our gaming destructors are fitted with noise reduction technology and remote diagnostic via ethernet connection, which only enhances their security characteristics.
    Our gaming chip destructors include intelligent self diagnostics that monitor moving parts for signs of wear and tear and potential maintenance requirements. They also include automatic greasing capabilities to ensure that internal mechanisms always operate smoothly. Cleaning and maintaining machines is easily achieved via accessible components.
    The high volume of input that can be annihilated by our gaming destructors is only controllable by persons with a security access code. Waste chambers are similarly controlled by security features. Our machines work within your security framework to ensure safe, secure solutions to your gambling token destruction needs.
    Our gaming destructor machines are all portable and use heavy duty casers to allow for easy transport between locations.
    Contact MasterShred to place an order for any of our gaming destructors. We are open for business Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, call us on 1300 859 471 to ask any questions or to buy any of the items listed on our online store.