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  • In secure work environments, for example, Government office, proper disposal of e-waste is a necessity. When confidential documents are destroyed, confidentiality is needed. The same applies to electronic media. When a confidential project or campaign is finished, electronic documents that could cause a security breach or the dissemination of confidential information must be destroyed to the extent that they are irretrievable. Deleted files can be retrieved from a recycling bin, empty recycling bins can be forensically pieced back together, but when a USB or media hard drive is physically torn to shreds, it is impossible for a malevolent party to get their hands on any confidential media that was contained within.

    Indeed, confidential documents stored on media drives are still retrievable even if the device is formatted after use. Formatting does not delete the files permanently; it instead simply prepares the media for use in a new context. A useful analogy is comparing formatting a hard drive to tearing out the table of contents and index from a book: the information may be hard to find, but it’s still there.

    Mastershred’s media shredders are manufactured to strict specifications and are designed to reduce your confidential electronic media to fine particles. Our E-waste destruction solutions use steel rollers to utterly destroy all digital storage devices requiring secure disposal. Information that may not be seen or used in a way not intended by its creators will be destroyed forever after it is processed through our media shredders. When hard drives and other electronic storage devices cannot be formatted due to the security risks associated with doing so, Mastershred’s media shredders are an effective way to ensure security and confidentiality at all times.

    We facilitate proper disposal of e-waste by supplying e-waste shredders manufactured to the highest German standards. Our machines are extremely durable and very effective when you need to turn your electronic media into rubble. The devices operate intuitively and do not require any formal training to use. Security personnel can simply load in a cache of USBs, hard drives or other digital storage devices, press a button and wait until confirmation that the load has been destroyed is displayed. Our e-waste disposal machines also come loaded with an anti-jamming function to ensure that bulky items do not cause blockages inside the machine. 

    Proper E-waste disposal is becoming increasingly important as old media drives begin to make up a significant segment of all waste contained in landfill. Your E-waste can be disposed of very easily following destruction by a Mastershred machine: simply unload the tray and empty the contents into a bin. The particles that were your hard drives or USBs cannot be pieced back together again.

    Mastershred’s E-waste disposal machines have been utilised by the Australian Department of Defence, The Parliament of Australia and the NSW Government, alongside other corporate clients.

    Contact us on 1300 859 471 or reach out via our contact page to enquire about your hard drive/media destruction needs today. We’re open to take your call between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday and look forward to speaking to you soon.