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  • In recent years, there has been a steady rise in people’s awareness of information security. As a result, more and more businesses and individuals are now choosing to shred their outdated and unwanted documents. Document shredding prevents data breaches by ensuring that sensitive personal and business details don’t fall into the wrong hands. Naturally, businesses around the world are prepared to invest significantly in document shredding.  

    Though data security is undoubtedly the foremost reason behind investing in document shredding, environmental sustainability is another huge benefit that often gets overlooked. Recent studies indicate that responsible shredding of documents may have a tremendous environmental impact.    

    The benefits of safeguarding the environment and its resources are known to all and a large number of businesses as well as individuals now understand the need to build sustainable homes, lifestyles, and workplaces. Shredding can play a vital role in this sustainability drive across the globe. 

    By shredding their discarded documents, organisations can reduce the negative impact on the environment. Paper documents that are not shredded are often destroyed by methods that are harmful to the environment or build up in landfills.  

    Environmental Benefits of Shredding   

    • Recycling of shredded paper is a huge step towards protecting our forests. The paper manufacturing process not only uses significant amounts of water and energy but also releases pollutants into the atmosphere. By recycling a ton of paper, it is possible to save 65% of energy and 50% of water, while reducing pollution by 72%. 
    •  Shredded papers can be recycled very easily. Therefore, shredding is an extremely eco-friendly step for businesses that use a high volume of paper. It not only helps reduce deforestation but also provides adequate time for nature to replenish its resources. Approximately 17 trees can be saved by recycling a ton of paper waste.  
    • Unfortunately, many businesses still destroy their outdated paper documents by burning them.  This practice is extremely harmful to the environment because it degrades air quality by releasing carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. These businesses can help reduce this damage to the environment by shifting to shredding.  
    • Approximately 300-400 litres of fresh water are consumed to manufacture 1 Kg of paper. This consumption can be reduced to a great extent by shredding and recycling paper waste. It is interesting to note that for various purposes, paper can be recycled 5 to 7 times.  
    • The decomposition of paper in landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. By encouraging on-site shredding, businesses can play a part in reducing methane emissions.         
    • Many people are not aware of the fact that shredded paper can be used as an excellent material for creating compost.  

    If you are serious about protecting the environment while maintaining the privacy of your business or personal information, please contact us at Mastershred. We offer a wide selection of shredders designed to suit your needs. In addition to standard office paper shredders, we also offer industrial shredders as well as shredder baler combination machines. Please contact our team today to find out more.