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  • Efficient management of outdated business information is a critical requirement for all modern-day business organisations. In their day-to-day business operations, every business generates and collects huge amounts of sensitive data belonging to their employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. However, when they are not required anymore, it is important to dispose of them in a responsible manner. Discarded business information can be managed best by using shredders or disintegrators. While both of them serve almost the same purpose, shredders and disintegrators are not the same.  

    A shredder or document shredding machine is a mechanical device capable of cutting paper and other media containing information in different forms into small fragments so that it is no longer possible to retrieve the information. In addition to increased data security, shredders also help businesses reduce waste volume, minimise cost, and increase efficiency.  

    It is important to remember, however, that all shredders not designed for the same purpose. Disintegrators are special types of shredders designed specifically to handle large volumes of classified materials, spanning beyond paper. In addition to paper, these machines can also destroy physical data storage systems such as CDs, hard drives, pen drives, card readers, etc. By processing them through a series of screens, disintegrators ensure that the ultra-fine shredded particles are tiny enough to prevent data recovery. Disintegrators are considered to be the preferred document shredding alternatives for organisations that need the highest level of data security, including healthcare organisations, financial institutions, and government agencies.      

    Disintegrator vs. Shredder 

    If you are not able to decide whether your business requires a disintegrator or a shredder, here are a few things you need to take into account.  

    • The type of material you are looking to destroy. 
    • The amount of data your business needs to destroy on a regular basis. 
    • The level of sensitivity of your data. 
    • Your budget for destruction of business information.  

    When is a Disintegrator Required?   

    Large organisations looking to destroy huge volumes of data quickly, conveniently, and efficiently on-site often opt for disintegrators. Compared to engaging a third-party taking all the data off-site for destruction, this guarantees higher data security and lower cost.     

    Here are a few scenarios when businesses should use disintegrators instead of regular shredders.  

    • Disintegrators are extremely useful for large organisations that generate high volumes of sensitive information such as personal information, medical records, financial data, or national security related information. 
    • Businesses that need to destroy high volumes of paper waste on a regular basis can also benefit immensely from disintegrators. Organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint can also consider recycling the shredded paper.  
    • Disintegrators are also recommended for organisations that are serious about the confidentiality of their intellectual property. Using these machines, manufacturing companies can stay safe from theft and imitation and ensure safe disposal of designs, plans, and prototypes that are no longer required.  

    Whether you are a large corporation generating huge amounts of disposable data or a small business operating with a few employees, Mastershred has a wide range of safe document shredding options for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact our experts to find out more.