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  • In a world driven by data, taking proper care of sensitive information has become more important than ever before. In Australia, all businesses are required to ensure the secure handling and disposal of all information belonging to employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.  One of the most important aspects of this entire process is shredding compliance. Improper disposal of documents can lead to legal penalties, expensive fines, and damage to the reputation of a business. The Privacy Act 1988 and the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme are two key regulations that provide insights on ensuring document shredding compliance in Australia.  

    Privacy Act 1988 

    The standards for the protection of personal information held by government agencies and private organizations in Australia are set by this Australian federal law. According to Privacy Act 1988, reasonable steps should be taken by all organisations to protect personal information from disclosure, modification, and unauthorised access. When it is no longer needed, secure disposal of the information is also essential. 

    Businesses can comply with the Privacy Act by engaging professional shredding services adhering to the required standard of data security. Many Australian businesses avoid the risk of non-compliance by working with a reputable shredding company.  

    Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) Scheme 

    This is a part of the Privacy Act 1988 according to which, if a data breach has taken place and is likely to cause serious harm, the responsible organisation must notify the Australian Information Commissioner as well as affected individuals. Secure shredding of data is critical to preventing data breaches and remaining compliant with the NDB scheme. By investing in the safe disposal of information, organisations can demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to minimise the risk of data breaches.  

    Simple Ways to Remain Compliant  

    Remaining compliant with Australian shredding regulations is an ongoing practice that requires remaining well-informed about the latest regulations and working with trusted partners. Discussed below are some simple ways for businesses to achieve and maintain shredding compliance.  

    • All business organisations should be well aware of the important Australian regulations that govern document shredding standards throughout the country. They should also review the Privacy Act 1988 and the NDB scheme regularly so that they don’t miss any updates or changes.   
    • Employee training is also an important aspect of shredding compliance. All employees within an organisation should clearly understand why shredding compliance and responsible handling and disposal of sensitive documents are important for them. They should also understand the potential consequences of non-compliance and their specific roles in avoiding it.  
    • Once an organisation implements a shredding practice, it should be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis. This may involve documenting the entire disposal process and conducting internal audits.  
    • Finally, businesses should always work with document shredding companies that have a thorough understanding of shredding compliance in Australia and have been serving the Australian market successfully for a long time.  

    If you are really serious about shredding compliance, Mastershred can help you achieve your goal effortlessly. Please get in touch with us today to find out the perfect solutions to your document shredding needs.