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    Meta Description: Document shredding is your ethical and legal obligation for protecting the privacy of customers and employees. However, it is important to ensure that you are following the right shredding practices.   

    Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Document Shredding 

    Any business that routinely creates documents containing sensitive information is required to shred those documents for the purpose of data protection. Many of us have a perception that document shredding just about loading the document, turning the machine on, and watching the shredded documents falling into the bin. It is true that modern-day document shredders are extremely efficient and simple to use. However, to ensure a long service life and user safety, it is important to operate the shredder correctly and perform all necessary maintenance activities on a regular basis. This brief article is intended to help you figure out what you should and should not do while using a document shredder.  

    • First and foremost, don’t shred any unspecified item using your shredder machine. In today’s market there are plenty of shredders designed to handle credit cards, paper clipped documents, stapled documents, cardboard, thin plastic, laminated items, etc. However, if a machine doesn’t clearly specify its ability to shred a certain document type, that should never be attempted for safety reasons.  
    • All shredder machines have a specific maximum page loading capacity. This capacity for manual shredders generally ranges from 8 to 20 sheets of paper. For auto feed machines, it can be as high as up to 750 sheets. Under no circumstance you should try to exceed the machine’s page load capacity because this can cause serious damage to your shredder.  
    • Long term storage of sensitive business documents maximises the probability of data breaches. Therefore, if you are serious about preventing misuse of confidential information, shred these documents as soon as possible.  
    • Please remember that shredders designed for home use are significantly cheaper, and have lower security rating and sheet capacity. Businesses should never purchase shredders based on price because they need machines with higher bin capacity, sheet capacity, security level, and other advanced features.  
    • Regardless of your shredding preferences, always use the machine sensibly. Shredders can provide years of service, if they are used and maintained in the right manner. Always refer to the instruction manual before using your shredder. Don’t feed unmanageable documents and insert them correctly to ensure that machine performs seamlessly.  
    • Every shredder has a cool down period that must be abided by. Like all types of machines, shredders also have a motor capacity and frequent use without break can lead to machine breakdown. Therefore, before each shredding task, allow a few minutes for the machines to cool down.
    • In workplace environments, a set of shredder usage guidelines should be created for all employees. These guidelines should be placed near the shredders so that the common issues are eliminated.  
    • Finally, compared to hiring a mobile shredding service provider, it is always better and safer to purchase your own shredder. This is not only a cost-effective solution, but also eliminates risks because your sensitive documents are never handled by outsiders. An in-house team can be created for handling everything related to safe document destruction.  

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